Hi, I'm Ellis!

Hi, I’m Ellis!

Ellis Hart, Editor

After wanting to write relatable and interesting content that spanned a number of topics, I decided to create ‘In Wonderland’, a place where all of this could be explored and shared with readers who may also like what I have to share.

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Uncategorized ➤ January 12, 2022

Welcome to this little home

Why hello there! Thank you for stumbling upon this little place on the internet. This little blog is a home to everything and anything I feel like sharing. It is primarily focusing on writing, creativity…

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Inspiration ➤ June 15, 2020

Travel Beyond the Ordinary

There are some memories that will shape who we are and help us decide how our life goes forward. At the end of 2021, when the world dealt with it’s second year of a pandemic,…

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Explore ➤ June 5, 2020

A Journey of Self Discovery

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