Ready to get writing?

They say we all have a novel in us, but have you ever wanted to know how to get started? This site is filled with resources and guides on how to begin writing your novel and how to find the story that you’ve always wanted to tell. 


These articles cover everything from character design to plot outlining, whatever level you’re at, you’ll find something useful.


Prefer to listen over reading? The podcast has your back!


To help you with your ideas, these workbooks are designed so you can print them out and fill them in as you develop your project.


For more personal updates, this is where I’ll be sharing my own writing and life adventures.


  • I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember and now I’ve been able to centre my life around writing.

    For my day job, I write corporate communications, around work I’m about to undertake a PhD in Creative Writing with Auckland University of Technology and in my spare, spare time, I’m writing speculative fiction books.

    I want to help people achieve their writing goals and learn how to embrace words. Writing can be a challenge but when you have the right tools it can be a great joy.

    Ellis Hart