03 June 2013

Winter Photo Fun

Well, these are certainly a tad old. It is now summer (a rainy summer, but still getting there) and these are from back in January. Allow me to introduce you to my fellow students!

(left to right: Mike, Jacquie, Briana, Liza, Jen, and me)

This was the first of what will [hopefully] be many more photo days! Just because I am not in Manitoba does not mean I won't get up at 4:00am for some crazy fun photo times. More to come.


27 April 2013

Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba

I'm going to be honest. It has been at least two months since I have taken my camera out and just... taken some pictures. And it will likely be another month or two before I get a chance to actually do it. But, in the meantime, I have tons of photos piled up that I haven't shared yet!

These photos are back from August 2012, right before I moved out to Calgary. Three of my best friends came out to visit me at my cabin. They bought some pretty new dresses, and a spontaneous beach photoshoot ensued!

I miss these ladies terribly! But maybe I will make it back to Winnipeg soon for some more photo fun!


21 January 2013

Steep Rock -- Part II

It has taken me almost seven months, but I have finally gone through most of my shots from our Steep Rock photo weekend. There are many I would like to share, but for now here are just a few of Courtney!

And yes, this is Manitoba. Who says the prairies aren't gorgeous?!

Coming up: more Manitoba photo fun, some mountains, and a portrait photo day!


02 December 2012

Steep Rock I

Just a few photos from our adventures to Steep Rock, MB back in July...

More to come.

Models: Jessie and Courtney.

More soon!