02 April 2011

Welcome to inWonderland.org

After having the domain inwonderland.org for over 5 years, I figured I should do something with it. I actually designed and coded a blog for the domain, but decided against paying for hosting when this will do the job just fine.

I am hoping to use this as a place to share my photographs and inspiration, and perhaps my favourite works from other artists as well. Since I haven't done any photoshoots recently, I am going to revisit one of the most intense, time-consuming photo days I've had in a long time.

The day started at about 6:00a.m. when girls started showing up at my house to get ready for the long day ahead. We made it just outside the city for the sunrise (about 7:30a.m.) and the day did not end until almost 4:00p.m. Here are some of the photographs I took that day...

Kudos to my crew (Alana, Katelyn, Danielle, Jessica, and Matt) for keeping the energy high for almost 8.5 hours!

Hopefully now that the snow is melting there will be more photoshoots to come.

Peace out!

♥ Swan


  1. Swan is the best photographer on the face of the earth.


    I wasn't even paid for this p.s.a.

  2. Great pictures!!! Can't wait to see what else you have in store! :)

  3. I cannot see the pictures :((( do you know why???

  4. Oh no! It looks like Photobucket is doing maintenance :( I actually uploaded the sky photos on a different server, so they seem to be working okay. I will upload these ones to the same servers and hope it works!! Sorry about that!


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