11 May 2011

Exploring Manitoba

Despite its rather, um, flat geographical characteristics and propensity for snow in the months of April and May, Manitoba is actually quite a nice place. There. I admitted it.

As a little tribute to the province in which I live, I decided to put together a bunch of photos I've taken at various place in Manitoba. my travels are not too extensive (yet), but this is just a little taste of the wonderful things you can find in the province. During the summer, that is. The winter? That's a whole different story --and a much chillier one...

Sunrise just outside the city of Winnipeg

McGillivray Falls, Whiteshell Provincial Park

The top of McGillivray Falls, Whiteshell Provincial Park

Fireworks display at Islendingadagurinn in Gimli

The Goldfield, landlocked in Riverton

Abandoned house just outside Riverton

Lightning on Lake Winnipeg

I would like to make a side note about the difficulty of photographing lightning. I sat outside in the rain for over two hours, took over 300 shots, and ended up with one that I liked --the one above!

Have you ever visited any of the prairie provinces in Canada? If so, what were some of your favourite places you visited?

♥ Swan


  1. these make me want visit canada! i especially like the sunset and the lightening, but the landlocked boat is outstanding!

  2. Why is there just a boat in a field of grass o.o

  3. Wow. These are amazing!! I LOVE the one of the abandoned house... the sky is gorgeous.

  4. Gorgeous. Hard to say anything more intelligent than that.


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