25 May 2011

Fall For Me

Well, it's not a photo dump, but it's a far cry from a well thought-out [NEW] post. I am still waiting on my Nikon D7000 (I ordered it on the 12th and they said two weeks, so I am expecting it soon). I also have three rolls of film to process. That [potentially] means more exciting posts to come! But it also means revisiting some old stuff for now...

I originally blogged photos from my day-long fall shoot HERE. It was a very long shoot, yielding over 2000 photos to sift through and sort. Needless to say, I have a lot of photos from that day and I have decided to share some more with you. I hope you don't mind.

Ladies: Alana, Katelyn, Danielle, and Jessie.
Gentleman: Matt (Jessie's boy).

♥ Swan


  1. You jumping is totally the best one. P.S. is it you and me in your header photo? I think I see a curl...

  2. @gapingwholeHaha, thanks. I thought it was you and Katelyn. It's tough to tell since it's a silhouette :P it could be me. That does look like the top of my flash, but it could still be Katelyn holding my camera.

  3. I like these pictures :) They make me want to go outside and have fun!


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