18 May 2011

Without Rhyme or Reason

I tried to be strategic, spending hours contemplating a comprehensive "theme" for this week's post. I took one, final look at all the random photos I wanted to work into several weekly posts. This wasn't going to work. I uploaded them all.

I will not deny my laziness behind a seemingly-constructive title like "Summer 2010", like I would usually do. I will admit this to be my first official photo dump on this blog. I'm sure it will not be my last.

Hands I & II, feat. Kaeleigh

Playing with backlighting (feat. Danielle)

Model: Rachelle

Taken with my Pentax K1000; Fujichrome Sensia 100;
cross-processed C-41

Model: Jessica

Photo with compact Canon SD1100IS;
Selective colour done in Photoshop

My cat, Zoey

Model: Jessica

I'm sure if there is a Blogger Bible somewhere, this type of post would be strongly discouraged. Organization is key. Therefore, I will try to resume some form of organization in my next posts. But I make no promises. When the D7000 body I ordered finally makes its way into my possession there will be a lot of random photos for me to share.

I also added my blog to Bloglovin. I have no followers yet (I doubt this will change). Well, it says I have one, but that's actually just me following my own blog because I didn't know how the damn site worked.

I don't know which is better --following blogs through Bloglovin, or with Google friend connect (through Blogger)? Should I go find all the blogs I'm following on BL instead? Ah, I'm making this too complicated.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

♥ Swan


  1. I love that last one! Gorgeous!

  2. I'm probably a bad blog follower.. I don't actually "follow" anyone through either systems. I just check back almost every day through my frequent sites. Love the photos though.

  3. @kaeleighjoyI follow a lot of random blogs, so it would be tough for me to remember the URLs for them all, haha. I like logging in and seeing updates, but that's just me.

    Thank you :D

  4. You have a beautiful blog, love your style!!!

  5. I know that moon. And that was a whole lotta lovely random.

  6. I absolutely fucking adore that shot featuring the sunglasses, with full colour opposing black and white! So effective!
    Your photography is perfect!


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