17 July 2011

Fire in the Sky

I just got my two rolls of Fujichrome Sensia 100 processed. Actually, I cross-processed them (C-41). Slide film is usually processed using an E-6 process and when you cross-process it, you get some neat effects. So, why call this entry "Fire in the Sky"? Well...

The sky looks like fire on cross-processed Fujichrome Sensia. I should note right now that, with the exception of cropping and dust removal, none of the colours of any of these images were altered in Photoshop or any other program. The strange colour effects are the result of cross-processing my film :)

What else looks cool when you cross-process it?

My dad's plane.

How about rushing water? Or a calm lake?

People? Well, people look a little strange, I must say...

The Interlake, originally posted about here; Kaeleigh on the bottom.

Cats are still cute, even when shot through a screen. Hair looks neat.

As mentioned previously, the above shots were all taken on Fujichrome Sensia 100. Different types of slide film will yield different colour results when cross-processed. Awhile ago, I tried Kodak Elite Chrome 100 and, as you can see below, the results were very different.

Cats are still cute through screens, flowers are still nice, and the Assiniboine Park Pavilion is, well, kinda blue.

Have you ever cross-processed any film? If so, what type of film do you prefer to cross-process? And, if you have, feel free to link me any photos :) I have a couple different slide films I intend to try cross-processing, but if you have a fave I would love it hear it!



  1. I must admit I don't know much about cross-processing except that it's a cool filter that's on my iPhone... the fire in the sky pics are incredible! That color is so vibrant! And the last picture reminds me of my favorite line from History of the World, Part I... "Everything's so green!"

    Beautiful pictures here. I'll be visiting often!

  2. @1800milesaway Do you have a film camera? If so, I strongly suggest you try it at least once --even if just for fun :)

    Thank you very much! I hope to see you back soon!


  3. Sorry, I'm very uneducated...

    could you explain what cross processing is?

  4. @gapingwhole Different types of film have different chemical emulsions and are therefore processed in different chemicals. For example, standard colour film is processed C-41, while most slide film is processed E-6 (two different chemical processes). When you put slide film (E-6) in colour chemicals (C-41), you get the photographic results of this entry :) That's the simple explanation.

  5. so interesting, i haven't tried to develop film. I don't like the red blown out skin result, but other result are simply artistic!

  6. @chachamisuThank you :) I agree that the red blown out skin looks quite strange. This was Fujichrome Superia 100, though, and I've heard that cross-processing The Velvia slide film yields a much nicer result for skin :) I intend to try it soon!

  7. All I have to say about these pictures is: WOW.


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