06 July 2011

Sunhats & Windmills

Just a quick post today. It seems that all of my time is being eaten up by GRE prep (as it should, since my exam is coming up quickly).

I just picked a few randoms from my last road trip to southern Manitoba. We visited St. Malo, Winkler, Morden, and Portage la Prairie, then drove over to Birds Hill to finish the day off with some quality beach time. These photos are from a windmill in Portage and just random locations along the highway.

All are shot on film (Fuji Superia 200) on my K1000 w/ 50mm f/2.8; the model is Kaeleigh (if you don't know her by now). My sunhat (curse that cute but intrusive thing) ruined a couple of my shots, but I am trying to embrace the flaw... embrace it...

That's all for today!


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  1. I am really loving the train tracks shot! Great processing and composition!


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