13 July 2011

Up Before the Sunrise

In between vocabulary exercises and math problems, I thought I would take the weekend to visit my cabin for the first time this year. I lucked out --we've been getting rain a lot lately, and despite a small downpour on Saturday morning, it was a beautiful weekend.

On Sunday morning my mom and I got up at 5:00a.m. and headed down to see the sunrise on the lake. She was a little bitter about the early hour, but once she got there she forgave me for waking her. It was gorgeous. The sound of the waves, the birds, and nothing else. Beautiful. Believe me, I have more than just two shots of this. Mind you, they all look very similar... anyway, here are a few of the ones I took:

My mom and I drove around taking photos outside of the city. I Made best friends with my cicular polarizing filter :) Yeah, these shots aren't really the most interesting, but I am quite fascinated with the colours. MAN I love that filter.

By the way, all the shots in this entry are digital (taken with my Nikon D7000 and 18-200mm VR lens). I need a wide-angle lens... like maybe a Sigma 10-20mm or the Nikon 12-24mm. Hey, my birthday's coming up... ;)

Oh, and excuse the intrusive watermark. It's always there, but this time I appear to have used a larger font size (oops). Sorry about that.

Speaking of filters, I've recently found a new obsession. I have a Cokin A Series filter holder for my Pentax K1000, but only a solid red filter for it. I recently stumbled upon a place to buy a P series holder and adapter for my 18-200mm lens AND some nice ND gradient filters :)

Has anyone used this filter system? I haven't really done much with the red filter (not really that useful to me) but a ND grad filter would be just delightful --especially for sunrise/sky shots.

Well, that's all for today. I probably won't post anything next week since it is the week before my big exam (yikes).




  1. these images are straight from wonderland

  2. Such a gorgeous place! How cool is it to have your mom accompany you to see such wonderful sights.

  3. @Karin Thank you :)

    @AVCr8teur It's definitely great to have my mom come along. She has a Nikon D40 and is still learning how to use it, haha. I try and get her to come out shooting whenever she can :)


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