04 August 2011

Drawn and Plastered

I have oodles of photos lined up for posts on here. Every week it's a tough decision which I should post next. This week, I decided to share some of the photographs I took at a local artist's event called Drawn and Plastered.

This was an event for all types of artists --including photographers! That's a definite plus, since I'm usually met with a "no photos allowed" sign at these types of events. I had a great time, and even won the door price (hooray!).

Enough of my chit chat. Here are some of the shots I took at the event. The theme of this event was Victorian Asylum!

Oh no! Some drama on the stage...

I would like to thank the event creators Holly Halftone and Meg Bergeron. For more info on the models and creative minds involved, you can check out THIS POST by Meg Bergeron :)

They have another event coming up August 13 --you can read more about it HERE! I totally recommend checking it out if you're in the area, AND this one's all ages! I definitely plan to attend :)

You can also check out other attendee pieces from the Victorian Asylum event HERE! There are some great pieces!

*whew* That is probably more text in a post than I've ever had before!

Hope you enjoyed the photos, and maybe I will see you at the next event!



  1. Wow, those pictures and outfits (? costumes?) are amazing!!! Love the blue lipstick!
    So glad they let you have some fun with the camera!

  2. I have friends who love making their own costumes and they would've loved to see this show.

  3. @Blue I'm glad they let me take photos, too :) I also love the styling and makeup --I think they did a great job with this event!

  4. @AVCr8teurWell, if your friends are ever in the Winnipeg area they can check out dates at http://drawnandplastered.com :)


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