18 August 2011

Dusk & Dawn

I should really call this entry "Dusk & Dawn Part I" because I am sure there will be more photos like this surfacing on my blog in the next few weeks. On the August long weekend I shot about 20GB of digital photos and 5 rolls of film. I could have shot more, but unfortunately that maxed out my available memory and I didn't have any more film!

I learned a few things. Number one: I will never shoot another sunrise without my Pentax K1000 --the film shots have minimal editing (i.e., some cropping and dust removal). Number two: I will make a conscious effort NOT to use ISO 400. It was all I had with me, but I would have much rather used ISO 100. Darn.

I know I posted sunrise shots before (see them here), but I think I like these ones better. I had my circ. polarizer and a better idea of what to expect for the sunrise on the lake.

Here are some of my sunrise shots AND dusk shots (from the previous evening) from film:

Of course, I had my D7000 as well and I am still satisfied with the photos I got. I think the last photo in this post is my favourite :)

On another note, my filters came earlier this week! I am so excited to try them out --especially for sunrises/sunsets. You will probably be sick of these shots soon... I warn you.



  1. They are all beautiful. Which filters did you get?

  2. @AVCr8teur Thanks! I got the Cokin P series adapters and a set of ND grad filters! I'm pretty excited to try them out! I also got a close-up +3 and starburst filter for some fun.

  3. Hi, you capture the nuancea and mood very well:) such beautiful place and moment


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