07 September 2011

Part I: The Sunrise

It's official. I am obsessed with sunrises. Deal with it.

On Monday (Labour Day) I went on a little day trip with Julia, Kaeleigh, and Jessica (not to be confused with the other Jessica from Converse & Convocation). I voted we go from sunrise to sunset --a full day. Surprisingly, there weren't any objections. So, at 4a.m. I rolled out of bed, turned on the coffee, and prepared for one long day.

This is Part I: The Sunrise. After that, we made a Timmies stop and headed right out to Spruce Woods to check out the sand dunes (that will be Part II, when I get around to it).

I call that last one "Sunrise Yoga". I have no idea if that's an actual yoga pose Jessica is doing, but that's what it reminds me of!

Top (and bottom) photo, left to right: Jessica, Julia, and Kaeleigh. Beneath that, we have Jess taking a picture and Kaeleigh getting some early morning jumping exercise.

I'm super excited to go through the photos from the rest of the day! There are many more sunrise shots, but I won't bore you with those (you've seen enough, I'm sure). But there will be sand dunes, abandoned houses, and sunsets! I promise!

♥ Swan


  1. Love love LOVE the first one with the birds!

  2. @kaeleighjoyThank you, Kaeleigh :) More to come! Many shots of you!

  3. I canNOT wait for the dunes ones.

  4. @gapingwhole I have posted some on my Flickr/Twitter already. If you don't mind a few spoilers, you can check it out here:


    I will try to post different ones when I do my next blog post, but there will probably be some overlap. It may take me a few posts to get all the dunes ones up...


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