18 October 2011

Drawn and Plastered: Pet Semetary

It's finally October, leaves are falling, temperature is dropping... and Drawn and Plastered is having another fantastic event in the spirit of the season --Pet Semetary!

You may remember my post from their first event, Victorian Asylum. I had such a great time, you can imaging how thrilled I was when Holly asked me to take some promo shots for their upcoming October event! Now, I'm not a professional so I will admit I was extremely nervous about this, and showing up at the wrong address on the night of the shoot really didn't help... but I had a fantastic time with everyone!

Models (from left to right): Carly, Daylan, Amanda, Victoria, and Meg Bergeron

It was cold, dark, and kind of scary --okay, I might have been the only scared one out in a dark field. Lighting a shoot with headlights and an SB-600 is always a little tricky, but I am pretty happy with how the shots turned out!

The models were all extremely inspiring and great to shoot! Here are some of the individuals shots from that night:

The Drawn and Plastered event Pet Semetary is happening on Saturday, Oct. 22nd. For more details on where/when, check out their Facebook event page HERE!! You can also like them on Facebook HERE!

Also, let me give a quick shoutout to Holly Halftone and Meg Bergeron for their creative genius in creating an event like this!

I look forward to sharing my photos from the event, and maybe I'll see you there ;)



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