09 November 2011

Before the Snow

There is now snow on the ground, so I think this is the end of our "photo day trips". Fortunately, I still have some to post!

A few weeks ago Julia, Anna and I went out to Nutimik (in The Whiteshell, MB) to take some photos. Fun was had, and my buddy let me use his macro lens for the day. Now, I've never used a macro lens before so there was a lot of experimentation (not to mention the fact that I left my tripod behind due to the nice hike we had to get to our location).

The following photos are all digital, taken with my Nikon D7000 and either the AF-S 105mm f/2.8 micro or my 18-200mm. They were taken around Nutimik :)

I still have more from film AND a crazy photoshoot idea Julia and I are working on! Stay tuned!


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  1. These are beautiful shots, what lovely work! Thanks for sharing :)
    - Calandra


Thank you for your comments! I really appreciate it :)