25 November 2011

Projection Part I

I like to experiment with photography. I like to have fun and I like to experiment with different ideas, and lately different sources of light. The Christmas lights idea was actually something we came up with when our initial idea fell through (we needed some equipment that we did not have). So what was that initial idea?

My friend, Julia (see some of her shots), said we should try some shots with a projector. What? I had no idea what she meant, but I tracked down a projector and away we went. I really had no idea what to expect until everything was set up in a dark room...

NOTE --these were NOT Photoshopped! The colours and strange effects look very much like they could have been created a la 'shop, but they were not. All the strange colours, shadows, textures, and images were created by the projector.

**bottom photo taken using 50mm f/1.8 with a close-up +3 filter.

The projector I found actually had a 'burn' in the centre of it (it was discarded due to this problem). That burn actually added a little bit of discolouration to the photos, on top of the projected image. Neat effect.

As you might guess, white balance was a nightmare. I abandoned all presets and set it in Kelvin as close as I could, and then just went with it from there. The discolouration from the projector combined with the images and slightly-off WB gave it some "personality".

Model: Chantal

Projected images and textures do not belong to me and were found via Google images.

There will be a "Projection Part II" coming next week! Stay tuned!

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