27 December 2011

inWonderland -- Best of 2011

The title "Best Of" might not be the most accurate since I am simply selecting my favourite shots of 2011. It may be because the final shot looked good, but some of the shots I have selected may be more about the moment, the experience, or a personal connection I've made with the photograph or those in it.

So what have I got? My 10 favourite shots taken in 2011:

#10 - "Queen of the Dunes" [digital]
Our trip to the sand dunes in September was one of my favourite photo day trips. Not only was it so surreal to experience what seemed like miles of desert in Manitoba, but there was no one else around. We arrived early enough to have the trails to ourselves. Perfect time for a photoshoot and a picnic. Model: Kaeleigh.


#9 - "Dark City" [digital]
Aside from me stealing this title from a good movie, this shot was one of the first taken with the D7000. In fact, this was taken using someone else's D7000 and is one of the shots that helped me decided to purchase mine. This also seems to be a favourite of many family members and Winnipeggers! [taken at The Forks]


#8 - "The Story" [digital]
An impromptu railroad photoshoot ended up giving me some of my favourite shots of the year! There were many more from this shoot that I wanted to include in this post, but I decided to include no more than one photo from a shoot. The shoot was actually cut short by a train. Model: Danielle.


#7 - "Sunnies" [digital]
I originally took this for my 365 Project. I needed a Photo of the Day, and looked over to see my yellow sunglasses sitting on my nightstand. I liked the way the yellow looked with my green wall and took a picture. I thought it was a cute little picture, but little did I know it would be so well liked. Along with comments, I've received requests for prints, magnets, and other things! And... I still like the colours :)


#6 - "Stand Your Ground" [film]
Here I face my love and fear of trains. As much as I love trains and railroad tracks, I fear them so. You will notice a lot of railroad tracks on this list and I believe that is why. This was also our first photo day trip! Model: Kaeleigh.


#5 - "Bird" [digital]
I am not a wildlife photographer but this shot makes me want to give it a go. I borrowed my friend's macro lens for our trip to Nutimik. I was trying to photograph a ladybug (didn't work out as well as I had hoped), when this bird landed right near me! I quickly snapped this shot of him before he flew away.


#4 - "Sunrise on the Lake" [digital]
How have I gone this far in my countdown without a sunrise shot? I have so many, but this is definitely a fave. I've said this before... if you ever have the chance to experience a sunrise outside of the city, near a lake, or just somewhere peaceful, do it. Even if you are not attempting to capture the gorgeous view, it is a very special experience.


#3 - "Sunhats & Windmills" [film]
I don't know why I like this one so much. Maybe it's the sunhat? Or the little lens flare? I don't know. This was another great day trip, this time to random places in southern Manitoba. Model: Kaeleigh.


#2 - "Lonesome Railroad" [film]
Here it is --I can hear the banjo already. There was so much banjo music being played on this trip, AND this is when I discovered my hillbilly alterego. This also plays into my love and fear of trains. I don't think people like this one as much as I do... but I decided it gets to be #2 anyway.


#1 - "The Sunrise Crew"
Also called 'Sunrise Dance Crew', this shot is my favourite of the year. Sticking with my signature sunrise silhouette shot, this captures the fun times had on our photo days. I mean, this was taken at sunrise. Who else starts their day like this? We did. We drank our Timmies and listened to banjo for hours as we drove across the province. We ate picnic lunches and went out for dinner. We stayed up to photograph the sunset, and went crazy with overtired banter on the final drive home. Models (left to right): Jess, Julia, and Kaeleigh.

And THAT, my friends, sums up my favourite shots of the year. Let us hope for many more fun shoots and wonderful shots to come :)

Have a safe and happy New Year!



  1. This years' theme was trains, I think. Next year?

  2. More realistic: automobiles!

    'Twas an honour to make it into this list multiple times. Here's to another summer of photo trips!

  3. @kaeleighjoy Well thank you for being a great model :) And for coming on all our random day trips in the summer! Hopefully there will be more to come!


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