19 December 2011

Project and Giveaways

I mentioned in my last post that I had been working on a few projects AND some possible giveaways in the next few months. I think the giveaways will have to wait until the New Year, but I can give you some insight into one of my projects.

A friend of mine and amazing artist, Kari-Ann Anderson, gave me this idea. I've been looking for things to do with my artwork (preferably sellable things because I have too much clutter as it is). So what was this idea? Magnets!

This was the first batch I made. They are 2x3.5" and I sell them for only $1 each! For any local readers interested, comment or contact me via other means to buy. If you are not local and want some, contact me regarding shipping! I also have greeting cards I am selling, so feel free to inquire about prices on those as well.

They've sold quite well! I made these last week and I've already sold 37 of the 48! I will be making more AND I take image requests. All wildlife or nature shots can be requested (and some people ones). Requesting a particular image that I don't readily offer adds $0.50 onto the price, per magnet.

I haven't been shooting much over the break, but there is another Drawn and Plastered event tomorrow night. And I plan to do more photoshoots while the weather is still nice!

Stay tuned for more info on giveaways, other products for sale, and of course more photo fun :)


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