15 January 2012

Things I Never Posted [Part I]

Things have been busy lately. I mean, when aren't they? For an unemployed 23 year old finished her degree, how can things be busy? Well, there were my grad school applications. Thankfully, those are complete and sent off. I still have some funding stuff to sort out, though. And of course --looking for a job! I finished four applications today and I will do two more tomorrow. And then there is my new plan...

PRINTS! Yes, I want to try and sell some prints and other items on Etsy. If you like what you've seen on this blog, then stay tuned! Hopefully I will have my shop open by the end of the month. I also have a few more items that I'm hoping to sell on there, but I'm keeping those secret until I finish making them :)

For now, have some black and white film shots from our trip to the sand dunes! None of these are from the dunes, actually. They were taken on the way back by a stopped train. But... same day! Enjoy!

Pentax K1000
Ilford FP4
Model: Kaeleigh

I will keep my fingers crossed that a new job is in my future! Then maybe an infrared filter may also be in my future...



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