20 March 2012

Craft Sales and a Frozen Lake

Nothing says "good news" like not posting for a month. But that being said, HEY I have some good news! All that grad school application stress has paid off in the way of TWO (out of three) acceptance offers. I still haven't heard anything from the third school, but I think I have a pretty tough choice to make... and SOON.

Last month I set out to be adventurous for a winter photo day. Julia, Chantal, and I ventured out to Lake Winnipeg in the middle of winter. We're crazy, right? No way, man. There were lots of people down in cabin country and, despite the lack of heat in the cabin, it was a great day.

Questions? Answers. Yes, Chantal was cold. Especially when the wind across the lake picked up (but that made for better shots). No, I was not cold as I was bundled up in my parka, toque, mittens, scarf, and gigantic winter boots. No, there are no pictures of that but yes, I looked pretty funny. Yes, the car ride home consisted of warming wet feet over the dashboard heaters. But no, there was no frostbite or hypothermia (thankfully). Once the afternoon arrived it was only -5° C... that's pretty much spring as far as Manitobans are concerned.

Blog Giveaway Updates: I think I started tossing this idea around back in December. You probably think I'm just a big liar right about now. I'm not, I swear! I am waiting for some packing and matting materials to come in. I am expecting them in the next month or so (definitely before May). It will be a random grab-bag of my photography and jewelry items. No, I can't tell you exactly what will be in it... you will have to wait and see! I really want to actually get a lot of entries, so any ideas on how I can promote this this are welcome.

Craft Sale Countdown: My FIRST EVER craft sale is going to be in May! By "my" I don't mean I'm running it --I'm selling my stuff! I have tons of prep to do but I am very excited. It really could be hit or miss... I could sell absolutely nothing, or I could make a pretty penny. I am hoping for the latter, but we shall see. I will also be opening up my Etsy shop very soon, so stay tuned for that.

Lastly, I am working on my full 2013 calendars (8.5x11" folded ones; see my last entry for the 2012 version). Any suggestions of shots you would like to see in a calendar? Or maybe themes that would work for 2013?

That's all for now!


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