18 April 2012

Rocks and Falls

Ah, the beautiful Whiteshell. The last time I visited the Whiteshell, it was fall. Chilly, but colourful. This time it was barely spring --also chilly, but not as colourful. What is up with these off-season visits?

I hate people. Wait, let me rephrase that: I dislike shooting in a place where there are many people. Better? The Whiteshell is such a beautiful (and fun) place to visit in the summer, and people know it. Unless we headed out there REALLY early, things might not work out. Not just because people might get in my shot, but I don't want to ruin their fun day. How would I do that?

Well.. it's kind of hard to enjoy a nice day at the lake with your family when there is some weird girl with tons of camera equipment sprawled out on a rock. Or building a bridge to another rock with a fallen tree, and attempting to walk across it, whilst singing 'ALOUETTE, GENTILLE ALOUETTE...' rather loud.

*please note: the tree was brought down by a beaver, not by us.

Oh, did I mention she's speaking in a strong hillbilly accent and wearing a plaid shirt? (that's me, in case you still don't get it)

You might tell your children to stay close ...and to not attempt the reckless activities taking place.

Behind-the-scenes photos courtesy of Julia Cleland

Contrary to what these photos might depict, our goal is never to cause a disruption. Nor is it to build bridges and provide impromptu singing performances for the RCMP officers circulating the park. It is to take photos.

Behold, [some of] my photos from the day:

When I saw that rock and the way the sunlight hit it, I knew I had to get to it. Somehow. And by "I", I mean Jessie and Chris had to get to it... with my assistance, of course. I am quite enjoying the photos. So, although it was terribly hard to get out to and there was a minor injury along the way (sorry Jessie), I hope Jessie and Chris will think those shots are worth it.

...either that or I hope they don't remember where I live.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for:
- A potentially overdone, yet fun interpretation of technology vs. nature
- More photos of the Whiteshell
- A preview of my 2013 scenery calendar

That's all for now!

Thanks again to Julia for snapping and sending the behind-the-scenes shots from this entry!


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  1. I LOVE the pictures they were vary nice and prity to look at!!! follow me !!!


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