18 April 2012

What's This?

What's this? A new header? ...and a whole new layout? What am I doing?!

In one word, change. But in a more detailed explanation, you shall learn what this change is all about. That is, why I have switched everything around on you. A quick summary...

New Header: I was getting bored with the old one. NEXT.

No Sidebar: Since this is a photoblog, I am always considering how I will format the posts to better the photos. I thought having a wider space for posting would allow me to post some larger pictures, should I want to. I just needed a place to put all the stuff that was hanging out in that sidebar. Which leads me to...

Pages: All of that info (my bio, links, contact stuff, my other galleries) has been relocated to a simple navigation bar under the header.

Photo Gallery: Here is a quick look at some of my favourite photos. I will [hopefully] be updating this often... adding and removing. It will kind of be like a current "faves" album you can check out instead of sifting through all my old posts. But if you wanted to do that...

Old Posts/Categories: The "Old Posts" link will let you search all my posts by category. I am using this instead of the "Archives" tool I had on the sidebar. 'Tis a more efficient means of searching.

Buy Prints: This just leads to my Etsy shop. There is nothing listed at the moment, but I am hoping to have some prints listed soon. I will also be selling calendars and perhaps some other photo gift type things (shipping to the US and Canada only, for now).


If you run into any issues, please let me know... I have been working on this for awhile and I'm sure there are problems with it. I may just need some help identifying them :)

New post coming this week (I promise). I am aiming for tomorrow, but it could be Friday.

Goodbye for now!


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