02 May 2012


Sometimes it happens: you get stranded by the side of the road with nothing but your old TV (with built-in VCR). And sometimes instead of hitching a ride, you take photos. Right?


These are some more photos from our trip to the Whiteshell earlier this month, featuring the lovely models for the trip Chris and Jessie. This portion of the day was a little less dangerous... only a little, though.

Well, this was that "slightly overdone take on technology vs nature". I meant to post this last week, but this have been a bit nuts. I just started a new job this week AND I have to finish prepping some items for the craft sale on Sunday. By the way, if you are local, come check it out!

You haven't seen the end of this TV! Due to the rather chilly conditions, we were unable to execute the actual planned shoot with the TV. This was something we just kind of did on a whim. We plan to execute the actual plan in late May in the ULTIMATE photo day. That is, a photo weekend.

Coming up:
- Some random senery pics from the Whiteshell
- A preview of my 2013 calendar
- More from Lynn's recital shoot(s)


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